Monday, July 21, 2008

Thought on The Dark Knight

I just saw The Dark Knight which I found to be incredibly intense and excellent, though I did feel Harvey Dent's character arc was a bit rushed. However, I really enjoyed this one scene where, as best as I can remember, the Joker sticks his head out of a cop car like a dog in the breeze, and the sound nearly goes to this ominous silence. I recall seeing this shot in the trailer and thinking it was very cool, but for some reason, the way the sound dropped in the actual film brought it to another level.

It reminded me in some ways of that scene in The Village where the people are fleeing the monsters in the beginning. In it, Joaquin Phoenix goes to rescue Bryce Dallas Howard. As he grabs her by the hand, the shot goes to slow motion and James Newton Howard's score envelops the scene. That perfect combination of the slow-motion, the music and the Caravaggio like lighting of the scene gave it this gorgeous romantic quality.

But ultimately, I'm not quite sure why scenes like those move me so much -- perhaps the lack of dialog and chatter brings a scene to a higher level of emotional purity?

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